The science of neuropsychology in the classroom

From infant school to university


Infant education (0- 6 years old)

The program gives support in the structuring of the appropriate and necessary neurofunctional base for the resolving of language and in the development of the skills of listening and communication.

Primary education (6-12 years old)

The program gives support in the process of establishing the patterns of sustained attention and memorization.

Secondary education (12-16 years old)

Like Primary Education, in this stage the program supports the process of establishing the patterns of sustained attention and memorization, taking into account that the level of difficulty at this stage is much higher. To reach the desired aims much more attention and listening is required. Students should arrive at this stage with the right dynamic of attention.

Baccalaureate and pre-university (16-18 years old)

The expectations are continually greater at this stage and often the students suffer anxiety and stress, conscious that their results can mark their personal and professional future. The program adopted at this stage optimizes performance and gives support for facing stress and anxiety.

Integration of languages

In all of these stages the difficulty of integrating a foreign language can coexist. Each language is situated within a determined range of sound frequencies and has a particular pattern of intonation. An ear that is used to a certain linguistic means can experience difficulty in capturing the sounds of another language with precision.

A program designed to facilitate the integration of other languages exists. It does not remove the need to study the desired language but it can be analysed phonetically with accuracy so as to reproduce it and integrate it in a faster and more natural way.

Focused Programs

These seminars meet the needs of a specific area in educational centres, concentrating on contents and tendencies specific to education. The programs can be “custom-made” for each centre.

Programs for educators

Professionals in the world of education are constantly subjected to situations of stress. When stress, worry and nervousness overpower the human being, levels of intelligence and communication are affected, leading to a process of insecurity and anxiety that usually results in functional physical disorders or more important health problems due to the progressive effect on the human endocrine and immune system.

The programs proposed by Health Managing Consulting for the treatment of stress and the management of the emotions directed towards professionals in education use the Neurosensorial Auditory Stimulation of Solisten® based on the Tomatis method® and emWave® technology as the main tools, complimenting them with workshops anj seminars that can be custom-made according to the needs and aims of each centre.

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