The science of neuropsychology in the company

When choosing the kind of program to optimize performance, time and result factors are highly important

Health Managing Programs ®


Executive Health Managing Programs®

Individual and personalized programs.

An initial study makes it possible to know the present situation of the managerial staff so as to design and implement an action plan. A Health Trainer accompanies the person during the process.

Corporate Health Managing Programs®

Programs for groups as support for the changes in organizations.

Corporate prgrams are adapted to the characteristics and profile of each organization, increasing the possibilities in each of what is needed to develop so as to optimize the performance of people forming it, in terms of the objectives that are sought.

Programs of continuation

These are programs whose mission is to follow up and carry out maintenance of well-being of the people and groups of an organization that have fulfilled a program.

Courses and seminars

Made-to-measure courses and seminars are designed in conjunction with the organization and they fill the needs of a specific area of the company, applying appropriate resources and methods to achieve the desired objectives.