The science of neuropsychology in high performance sport

From lack of concentration to maximum performance

Health Managing Consulting Sport

In sportspersons of high performance it is easy to pass from mere pressure that is normal in a competitiion, to a state of stress and anxiety, rendering useless their positive response. The anxiety that is generated creates a vicious circle that starts with lack of concentation, passes to disorganization and ends up in desparation, which directly affects performance.

A high level of anxiety generates, among other things, a distortion of reality provoking insecurity, difficulty in decision-making, lack of concentration, negative thoughts and lack of assertiveness. It is vital that the sportsperson knows how to manage emotions efficiently before, during and after a competition so as to achieve optimal performance.

Health Managing Consulting’s programs of optimal performance start from the techniques that allow the human being to enter into a state of consciousness for the self-management of the emotions.


  • It keeps the person in the “zone”, in an optimal state of tension without being in a situation of relaxation.
  • It induces emotional calm and the loss of negative emotions.
  • It increases concentration and mental focus during competition.
  • It raises confidence and self-control, developing a state of internal calm, especially when under pressure.
  • It increases and mantains the levels of energy.
  • It eliminates self-criticism.
  • It provokes efficient emotional recuperation and quick post-event recuperation in the case of an unfavourable result.

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