Coaching to reset

Aptitude Coaching®: Unlearn to learn

For the job of restoring levels of consciousness, the human being has to establish a dialogue between their cognitive world and emotional world, disabling neuronal patterns and enabling new neuronal circuits (unlearn to learn). The support of a professional coach is needed for this.

The availablitlity of a Coach means counting on a professional who helps define and continuously activate the individual resources needed for the attainment of the client’s aims. The figure of a coach is that of the professional who has no other goal than that of helping the client to succeed, in whatever, without judgement or valuation.

By definition, coaching consists of releasing the potential of a person to increase their fulfilment; it means helping them to learn instead of teaching, looking for answers rather than responding to them and obtaining the best of themselves, because inside each person there are many capacities waiting to be released. The real CHANGE comes from inside. The coaching does not centre on past errors, but on future possibilities.

Health Managing Consulting’s Aptitude Coaching helps the person connect to their id and iniciate a real process of personal self-leadership, which allows them to be in full harmony with the objectives of the organization.