Opening up of listening and modification of the levels of consciousness

The Aptitude Recovery®

What Aptitude Recovery® is

APTITUDE RECOVERY® is defined as the set of techniques through which the human being recovers innate aptitudes, deteriorated over the passing of time and the surroundings, and learns to manage positive attitudes that are fundamental for the start of any process of personal or professional confrontation and change. It is the work of restoring the levels of consciousness (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual), and self-management of the emotions.

For the human being to be able to develop all their potential they need interaction and dialogue between their consciousnesses: corporal or physical consciousness, mental consciousness, emotional consciousness and spiritual consciousness. Only and exclusively when a harmonic dialogue exists between the consciousnesses, can a process of change in the person be born.

Starting with the opening of active listening that allows for a connection and dialogue between the cognitive and emotional worlds, it is possible to disable neuronal patterns so as to create and strengthen new cerebral circuits, permitting the human being to initiate any process of change. We unlearn, to learn.

In all processes of change various stages are distinguished:


In recent decades the western world has been dominated by a social model encouraging an accelerated pace of life in which the priority of ‘having’ above being and of ‘appearance’ above showing the real me, has meant that people think, feel and act in divergent ways, resulting in a loss of the axis of connection between the consiousnesses, leading the human being to a state of stress, anxiety and nervousness.

When stress, anxiety and nervousness take hold of the human being, intellectual and communicative levels are affected by the loss of id, leading to a process of insecurity and anxiety that usually tends towards functional disorders at a mental, psychoemotional and physical level, or towards more important health problems, due to the progressive affect on the human immune system.

APTITUDE RECOVERY ® allows the human being to enter into their deeper id and initiate a process of personal self-leadership.