The science of neuropsychology in the classroom

Recover aptitudes to improve listening, attention and emotional intelligence

What we do and how we do it

We restore innate APTITUDES and train in the personal management of new ATTITUDES. We design plans and protocols of action to optimize the performance of children and adolescents.

The aim of the Health Managing Consulting programs in the academic world is simply to open “hearing” to listening and attention and educate in the self-management of the emotions from infancy through physiological Coherence. These programs are suitable for all children and adolescents that need to improve their attention levels and at the same time wish to lower their levels of stress. The pedagogical director of Health Managing Consulting and the school study the needs in depth, working together to identify the intentions of the centre and design a program that applies the appropriate resources and methods to achieve the desired results.

The main techniques of neuropsychology science integrated into the programs of optimal performance for students are, among others:

The muscular stimulation of hearing and control over the emotions derived from Coherence allows for the limbic system in children and adolescents to relax while all the neurocortex functions improve.