The science of neuropsychology in the company

When choosing the kind of program to optimize performance, time and result factors are highly important

Health Managing Programs ®

Who they are directed towards

Business organizations

Directed towards companies whose entrepreneur or members of top management wish to optimize the performance of their directors in the knowledge that, as a result, the ratios of communication, creativity, innovation, productivity and competitiveness of their companies will improve, holding on to talent at the same time.


Directed towards consultants and professional firms as partners in the formation process and the change in their clients’ companies and support tools to new implementations where it is necessary to optimize the performance of people to improve the efficiency of the changes they foster.

We accompany people in the process of facing conflictive situations: crisis management, and organizational, process or technological changes.

Head hunters and personnel selection consultants

Directed towards companies involved in the selection, management and development of people that wish to know, from an objective point of view, the psychoemotional state, the personal state and the degree of communication of the directors and, likewise, their potential.