The science of neuropsychology in the company

Optimization of performance of the people in organizations


We are experiencing a period of change with a future needing to be designed with creative strength in which the well-being of the people who form part of the group will be a fundamental priority to take into account.

Attention to physical and also psychoemotional health is beginning to be considered essential and the need to see the person as a whole is increasingly becoming apparent. Up to now, stress, fatigue or anxiety were not considered a threat to creativity and performance at work, though nowadays it has been demonstrated that they have a direct affect on professional efficiency and on the group of collaborators, and therefore on the results of the organisation itself.

These days, all over the world, the necessity to use tools that go further, not only in relation to efficiency, but also in the way they are applied, is growing. When choosing the way to optimize performance, time and result factors are important. Fortunately, medicine awakens the need to contemplate the human being as susceptible to increasing his/her empathy, capacity to communicate, creativity and energy with the aim of being healthy, able to lead him/herself and do so with efficiency.

The techniques that Health Managing Consulting propose to optimize perfomance, derived from the latest advances in neuroscience and their connection with psychology, make for results that are highly efficient and longstanding as they are fully directed towards what is truly the human being.

The application of neuropsychology science is a prominant factor that will undoubtedly open the door to innovative techniques destined to the making possible of a new way of acceding personal well-being and improving results of organizations, as one must not forget that companies are made up of human beings.

How can we identify a problem of poor personal or professional performance in a company?

Why does the effect of personnel and managerial development programs sometimes disappear so quickly in human beings?