The science of neuropsychology in the company

The technique that opens up listening and with that the modification of the levels of consciousness is the first step to whatsoever dynamic aiming to cause a change in the human being

Our process

Our process consists of various stages:

  1. Preliminary contact with the client: it permits determining the objectives of our collaboration.
  2. Offer of collaboration: it is the transferring of suggested proposals, the methodology to follow, the timing and the fees to the client.
  3. Analysis of the present situation: it is carried out by means of a personalized study in the case of an individual, or a study of the group destined to foster the change, in the case of a collective. Common patterns to restore and possible distortioning elements in the process of change are detected, which will permilt the programs to be adapted to the needs of the organization.
  4. Issue of a preliminary report: a preliminary report will allow the client to possess an assessment of the state of the organization at that time.
  5. Creation of homogeneous groups: they are designed for their incorporation in to the program.
  6. Phase of neurosensorial connection of communication: it is the preliminary step that allows for the opening up of active listening and prepares the person for the start of a process of personal change. It consists of neurosensorial auditory stimulation de Solisten® based on the Tomatis® method to open this important channel of perception and assure that the verbal message is correctly integrated.  It enables the restoration of the real auditory neurofunctional loop, essential for correct communication.
  7. Training phase: it is the introduction of techniques that incline towards correct information and use of the mind so that it occupies the place where it belongs and is an effective aid to the knowledge and management of the emotions. The training is carried out taking into account the neurological process of learning:  unlearn so as to learn. Disabling neuron patterns to make way for new cerebral circuits.
    emWave®technology and Rapid Coherence training® of the Health Managing Consulting programs ease the process of change to a coherent state in a person, increasing with practice the capacity of changing to a final coherent state and with optimum emotional intelligence. Aptitude Coaching helps people connect with their id and initiate a real process of personal self-leadership which permits being completely in tune with the objectives of the organization.

  8. Follow-up meetings: a Health Trainer will follow the evolution of the program and request that the company designates a project leader who will inform of the changes they detect.
  9. Program of continuation: once the program is completed, the possibility of joining a program of continuation will be made available to the client by Health Managing Consulting, which permits the organization to correct possible deviations and maintain directors in a process of permanent formation and information.