The science of neuropsychology in the company

The technique that opens up listening and with that the modification of the levels of consciousness is the first step to whatsoever dynamic aiming to cause a change in the human being

What we do and how we do it

What we do

We restore innate APTITUDES and train in the personal management of new ATTITUDES. We design individual or group plans and protocols of action to optimize the personal and professional performance of the people who lead organizations and their teams of collaborators.

We facilitate the director and his/her team of collaborators with tools of objectives so that they can manage their personal resources in an efficient, effective and lasting way while at the same time having positive repercussions on the results of the business organization to which they belong.

How we do it

We bring the latest scientific advances in neuropsychology to the company through HEALTH MANAGING PROGRAMS® , our own methodology, APTITUDE RECOVERY ® and by taking, as the starting point, techniques that allow the human being to enter into a state of consciousness and self-management of the emotions to reach self-leadership. Aptitude Recovery r lets one “reset”, unlearn in order to learn.