The science of neuropsychology in the company

When choosing the kind of program to optimize performance, time and result factors are highly important

Health Managing Programs ®


At an individual level:

The action of Health Managing Programs® upon a person affects in the following changes:

  • It reduces stress, anxiety and psychoemotional tension.
  • It increases the power of communication. It produces an improvement in the appropriate relationship with oneself and the environment.
  • It gives dynamism and causes an increase in pschoemotional and physical energy.
  • One gains more motivation in daily activities.
  • One obtains a greater work capacitiy and finds it easier.
  • It reduces tiredness.
  • Attention, concentration and memory improves.
  • Decision-taking is strengthened, with less indecision.
  • The capacity of abstract and associative thought is increased.

At the level of the organization:

The action of Health Managing Programs   upon a person at an individual level or as forming part of a group affects the business organization in the following ways:

  • It reduces the level of organizational stress.
  • It foments group dynamics because of an increase in communication and empathy, decreasing problems of labor relations.
  • Greater identification with the company is acquired, with keeness for action.
  • Inside the company a positive attitude towards work is gained, which allows for favouring iniciatives that promote innovation.
  • Companies are less reactive under certain circumstances, acting with better planning and prioritizing what is important ahead of what is urgent.
  • Costs are reduced (expenditure on sickness, absenteeism and accidents).
  • It provokes a fall in the rotation of personnel, fostering the keeping of talent.
  • It results in an increase in production.
  • There is improvement in competitiveness and progress of the company.

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