Passion for well-being, desire for excellence

Values of the organization

Ten fundamental values shape the culture of HEALTH MANAGING CONSULTING and define its personality. Values that we are committed to internally and that are transmitted in our relationship with the client through our actions.

  1. LISTENING AND COMMUNICATION that is effective, internal and with our clients. The pillar and raison d’ètre of our organization.
  2. RESPONSIBILITY:  we provide maximum dedication to and interest in the fulfilment of the duties and functions that we carry out, contributing to the taking of well-deliberated decisions.
  3. EFFICIENCY:  as an essential basis from which each individual in an organization develops his/her human potential to stand out through the work of a coordinated team, responding to the needs of their clients and environment, with this creating CONFIDENCE.
  4. COMMITMENT:  we go further than simple duty. We are faithful in treatment and fulfilment, with effective honouring of our functions, incorporating value to each and every activity. As a result, our firm will see daily improvement.
  5. LOYALTY:  commitment and unconditional dedication to institutional and personal relationships, managing the correct execution of the functions with uprightness, perseverence, honesty, devotion and accuracy, seeking harmony and cohesion.
  6. TOLERANCE AND FAIRNESS:  we foster self-control, respecting the dignity and differences between human beings, their relationship with and tolerance of different people and countries, accepting others’ behaviour as well as their right to express themselves.
  7. INNOVATION:  innovation and avant-guarde leadership as principles that guide our actions through open-mindedness to all processes of change.
  8. PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT:  we foster personal and professional development in our organization, allowing us to achieve the highest degree of satisfaction for our clients.
  9. CONCILIATION OF WORKING AND PERSONAL LIFE:  we have developed a plan of conciliation that enables our personnel to work without stress, favouring greater personal satisfaction that has direct repercussions on our clients.
  10. PURSUING EXCELLENCE:  we wish to increase the innate potential of people and the processes they perform.