Passion for well-being, desire for excellence


Rosó Marcellés Doménech

A graduate in Pharmacy from the Universidad de Barcelona and PDG from IESE, her professional career has developed in the world of business as co-founder and administrator of various societies since 1989. At present her business activity centres around the direction of project for Health Managing Consulting, in collaboration with a multidisciplinary team of professionals including specialists from managing people in organizations, doctors and psychologists.

“I refuse to give up dreams. I believe that today, more than ever, practical idealists are necessary, those whose feet are on the ground, but yearn to touch the sky. Those that make the impossible, possible, the fighters. I believe that everyone is responsible, only and evidently, for their own life, but also to contribute, with their work, to improve the life of others and leave a legacy in the form of service, peace, wellbeing and love.”
Maria Pàrraga -Fundació El Brot-