Support in emotional self-management

Positive emotions, support in the process of health recovery


Patient accompanying program

Health Managing Consulting, through its clinical division, provides health professionals with accompanying programs for patients as a complement to the diagnosed pathology. Behind every pathology there is a need for accompaniment at the psychoemotional level and of learning to control the emotions so that the solution is the result of an integrated dynamic, taking care of the person as a whole.

The department of clinical psychology at Health Managing reports the mental and psychoemotional evolution of their patient in their process of recovering health to a doctor of medicine.

Programs for health professionals

Health Managing offers health professionals the tools to optimize performance in the recovery of aptitudes and the management of new attitudes so that they can integrate them, through training, in their daily practice with patients.

Progams for clinics and hospitals

If stress is affecting the perfomance and staying on of personnel in clinics and hospitals, the Health Managing Consulting programs can be a great support. Our programs have provided significant improvement for thousands of health professionals the world over.